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The Mongolian Coal Association, founded in 1998 as a non-governmental organization, serves as a dedicated advocate for safeguarding the collective and legitimate interests of its members.

Comprising coal mining enterprises from both the public and private sectors, particularly those with foreign investment, the association holds sway over more than 90 percent of Mongolia's coal production and export, consolidating its pivotal role in the industry.

Oyumaa O

Chairman of the Board
Director of Foreign Affairs of Terra Energy LLC

Zoljargal J

Executive Director
Mongolian Coal Assосation

Board Members

Sugarmaa Z

Member of  the Board, Director of Government Relations and Permits of Energy Resources LLC

Altanbagana Ch

Member of  the Board, Director of Mining Technology Department of Erdenes Tavantolgoi JSC

Enkhtuvshin Ts

Member of  the Board, Executive Director of Shivee-Ovoo JSC

Dalaibayar D

Member of the Board, Vice President for Trade of Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC

Davaadash D

Member of  the Board, Deputy Director for Human Development and Research of Baganuur JSC

Batmagnai T

Member of  the Board, CEO of Usukh Zoos LLC

Jinsheng Xu

Member of  the Board, Executive Director of Southgobi Sands LLC

Sodbaatar S

Member of  the Board,
Senior Sales and Shipping Engineer of Tavantolgoi JSC

Ulziinaran P

Member of  the Board,
Project Manager of MoEnCo LLC

Bayarsaikhan Ts

Member of  the Board, Senior Coal Research and Business Development Engineer of Tsetsens Mining LLC

Member organizations


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